2nd Class



Our Robots!

Have a look at what we’ve been doing in Art over the past few weeks. In our groups, we constructed robots from cardboard boxes, toilet roll holders, yoghurt pots, bottle caps, tinfoil and other bric-a-brac materials. We also drew some pictures of a robot designed to do a chore that we don’t like doing – we had many examples like: a robot who tidies our room, does our homework, makes our bed, brings in the turf, eats our vegetables and lots of other boring jobs! We had great fun working on our robots and we hope you like them.


Lá Glas

We celebrated ‘Lá Glas’ on 16th March. Everybody went to great efforts to get dressed up in green gear to celebrate the life of St. Patrick. We had a special whole-school assembly where we performed songs ‘as Gaeilge’ and took part in lots of fun games and competitions. We had a really fun day – here are a few pictures of us in our class groups!


Our Classroom Rainbow

Have a look at our classroom rainbow that we made using our own handprints! We had been learning about rainbows in Geography and talking about the myths and legends associated with them. We are still undecided as to whether we believe there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or not! We have also decorated our board with a selection of ‘Rainbow Rhymes’ which we wrote in our English lesson -we hope you like our display!


Making BIMG_3641utter

Today we learned about  making butter in the past during our History lesson. We looked at pictures of old butter churns and handled real butter pats and some muslin material. We made our own butter by putting a small bit of cream into a sealed jar and shaking it to mimic the movement of a butter churn. We chanted our butter rhyme while passing it around in our groups: “Come butter come, Come butter come, I am standing at the gate, Waiting for some buttered cake!” Afterwards we drained the curds and whey through the muslin material and our butter was ready to eat! We tasted the butter on some plain crackers and it was so yummy!


First Confession

It is now March and we are busy preparing for our First Confession next Monday 9th at 7pm. We have been practicing our prayers and our hymns every day. The prayers we are learning are the ‘Act of Sorrow’, the ‘Confiteor’ the ‘Prayer Before Forgivness’ and the ‘Prayer After Forgiveness’. We will also be singing ‘Circle of Friends’, ‘I’m Sorry God’ and ‘My Shepherd is the Lord’. All our parents and family will be there to support us and we are all really looking forward to it!




Our ‘Bird’s Eye View’ Pictures

In Geography, we were looking at maps and how to read them. We drew and coloured some lovely examples of what we might see from a bird’s-eye view of our local area. We also wrote a description of all the different things we see from our bird’s-eye view. We are very happy with how they turned out and they really brighten up the hallway outside our classroom. We hope you like them!





Have a look at our  paintings which were inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’. We used dried rice dyed with yellow food colouring to create texture on the sunflower petals. We had great fun painting them and we’ve had lots of compliments on our colourful display!