4th & 5th class

4th & 5th Class had an enjoyable tour to Lurgybrack Open Farm



Craft Fair & Cake Sale

We enjoyed the Craft Fair & Cake Sale Ms Gibson’s class organised.



Working in the garden…


We read and really enjoyed the novel The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We based lots of work on the novel. This is our construction project. Our project was to plan and construct a model of The Iron Man. In small groups we firstly discussed what we thought would be the best way to carry out our project. We then drew plans of our design, gathered materials from home and worked on our project in school. It was great fun. We found that we had to alter our plans at times and make some adjustments.  But in the end we were all very proud of our finished constructions. We brought our models outside on a lovely sunny afternoon and brought the other classes out to view them. It was really fun explaining and demonstrating our different models. 


We had great fun when we got together with our brothers and sisters and we made cards for Mother’s Day. It was a really enjoyable thing to do!


We did some writing and artwork based on our thoughts on the theme of hope.  Our work will be on display in the Graan church in Enniskillen from 22nd – 31st March as part of the Novena of Hope which is taking place there. 


Rinne muid pancóga! Chuir muid plúr agus uibheacha i mbabhla agus ansin mheasc muid bainne isteach sa mheascán. Chuir muid an meascán ar fhriochtán.Nuair a bhí siad réidh chuir muid mil, sú liomoide, siucra nó seaclaid orthu! Bhí siad an-bhlasta!





We have enjoyed improving our Gaelic football skills with Paddy Hegarty earlier in the year. Brian and Val are now helping us! It’s great fun and we’re improving lots!


Our Christmas Talent Showcase!

We had a showcase of all the wonderful gifts and talents in our class at our class talent show! We all performed something and we all enjoyed watching and listening to the others! We had all sorts of talents on show from karate to music, card tricks to poetry, football skills to singing and dancing! It was a great afternoon!

The Crow and Scarecrow by Rosemary Woods

  The old crow perched on the arm of the scarecrow and he looked around the field. “They’ve put you here to scare me”, he said, “but you can see I am not afraid. ‘Twas all about getting to know you, risking a little bit at a time; now I don’t mind your company and I’m thinking that you don’t mind mine. And you and me, what friends we could be.” This is the first verse of the song The Crow and the Scarecrow. We listened closely to this song and discussed the many different themes in the song. We talked about friendship, loneliness, modern technology, farming methods and more. We used the song as the basis for our art work and we designed and made our own scarecrows! We also used the song as the basis for our creative writing when we wrote the conversation that might have taken place between the crow and the scarecrow. We sent copies of these to the songwriter Rosemary Woods who lives in Co Down. She was very happy to see what we had created in response to her song!  

We had a great time planting in the school garden. We thank Diarmuid for coming back to help us along with John and Emer.

Investigating 3-D shapes!

We dressed up as our favourite characters from Roald Dahl stories to celebrate Roald Dahl Day! DSCF3279  DSCF3278 DSCF3281 DSCF3277 DSCF3276  DSCF3274  DSCF3272   DSCF3271

Roald Dahl Day