5th & 6th class

Video: The Angling News at 6 o’clock

  brought to you by Ms Gibson’s 5th & 6th class

    created for the Something Fishy Project

Visit from Inland Fisheries Board

On Friday March 7th, Ms. Gibson’s class were paid a special visit from two employees of the Inland Fisheries Board, Paul and Darragh.

Firstly Paul and Darragh made a presentation to the class, explaining their job and the role of the board. They also showed us what they do on a daily basis, and how to check the water quality in our local river.

The class were then given to opportunity to become scientists and to check the quality of the water in the Abbey river. We used microscopes, identity sheets and charts to identify the bugs present in the river. We concluded the Abbey River has very clean water, the type of bugs and insects we found in it confirmed that.

We all agreed it was a great and interesting experience and we would like to thank Paul, Darragh and the Fisheries Board.

Radio Advertisements

The children from Ms. Gibson’s 5th and 6th class worked on creating radio adverts for an item they invented. They were responsible for the script and the music. Each group recorded their advertisement and also designed a poster to go along with it. I am sure you will agree they did a fantastic job, and who knows, maybe a career in advertising will be on the cards for some. We hope you enjoy listening to them.

Click on the links below to listen to the advertisements:

Radio Advert 1:

Radio Advert 2:

Radio Advert 3:

Radio Advert 4:

Radio Advert 5:

Radio Advert 6:

Radio Advert 7:



Crazy Clothes Day December 2013

On Wednesday 4th December, pupils from Ms Gibson’s and Ms Magee’s classes at Creevy National School took part in a sponsored Skip-a-thon. The children were sponsored by friends, family and neighbours to skip for a period of one hour.

Ms Gibson’s class also arranged for a ‘Crazy Dress Day’ to take place on in the school on Friday December 6th. The children came in to school in all sorts of crazy costumes. We had people wearing odd shoes, clothes on back to front, inside out etc. Mr Mc Daid got in to the spirit of the day by arriving to school with his shirt, tie and jumper on back to front!

The events were all in an effort to fund raise for the people who were affected by the typhoon in the Philippines. In total the amount raised was a staggering €2,312. Well done to all involved.


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