6th Class Junior Entrepreneur Programme

Junior Entrepreneur Programme

Sixth class are undertaking the Junior Entrepreneur Programme this year. As part of this project each pupil came up with an entrepreneurial idea which they pitched to their classmates. The class then narrowed down the ideas they felt would offer the best business opportunities. They then pitched these five ideas to a panel of ‘dragons’. The panel was made up of Ms. Kelly, Mr. Timoney and a member of the business community. As you can imagine the children came up with some novel, get rich quick plans, but I wonder which idea might work in reality?

To help the pupils decide on a ‘big idea’, we were very lucky to have local business person and former Dragon from RTE’s Dragon’s Den, Ramona Nicholas visit the class and listen to the children’s vision and business plans. Ramona was very generous with her time and gave her expert opinion on each idea. She explained what she saw as the strengths in each plan and any difficulties she foreseen. She then explained which project she felt was the most appropriate project to take forward. After the pitches and feedback, the sixth class children had an opportunity to ask questions and find out what is the key to success as an entrepreneur.  Two words stood out from the whole experience, ‘hard work’ and ‘goals’. Ramona explained the importance of setting goals for oneself; writing them out, reading over them regularly and visualising where you want to be, where you want to see yourself. She reminded the children that with continued hard work we can all reach our goals. You don’t have to be the best at particular subjects in school, you just have to be clear on what your want and be willing to work hard to get there.

For more on the Junior Entrepreneur Programme, see http://www.juniorentrepreneur.ie/

Below are some photos of the event and we look forward to meeting another local business person after Christmas, Rossa Danagher from Rossanos

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