Active Flag

This year we are working towards an Active flag. The aim of the Active Flag programme is to encourage schools, pupils and families to reflect on the level of movement and activity in their daily lives. In school we have reflected on our Physical Education programme, the amount of physical activity that occurs throughout the day and our partnerships with the local sporting community. While we rated quite highly on all these elements we have been thinking of additional ways we can encourage even greater degrees of activity. Some classes are incorporating movement breaks between lessons, other classes are doing some movement homework, drawing on the ideas from the Supertroopers Journal and some classes are trying out new types of sports. We hope the children enjoy all the activity and learn the importance of daily exercise and the benefit of exercise for both body and mind.

On this page of the website we will record different ‘active’ events that are taking place this year in school.


On Friday February 10th at 10 O’clock, we joined other primary schools around the country and took on the Operation Transformation challenge, doing 10 minutes exercise at 10.00. The children in 6th, 5th, 4th and 3rd joined up with the junior classes to do laps of the school yard. It was lovely to see all the children working so well together to complete the challenge and enjoying the fresh air and exercise.