Active Schools Week



Active Schools week 2017 (12-16 June) was an extremely busy one. Each day the classes had at least one active lesson and lots of activity and movement breaks. Some of the activities that took place this week include: marathon challenge, outdoor and adventure trails, orienteering, skipping, active lines at breaks, dance, busy breaks between lessons, skipping, football, basketball, unihoc, parachute games, obstacle courses, circuits, water safety lessons in each class, staff walk and our favourite penalties against the principal! Ms. Kelly can hold her head high for another year as she did well saving a few crackers! Well done to all those pupils and the few teachers who beat Ms. Kelly. If Sligo need a new goalie they know who to call.

The school league finals also took place during active school week. The teams have been playing for weeks and the hugely anticipated finals took place on Thurs June 15th in Aras Aodh Ruaidh. This annual event is a cause for great celebration as all the teams come together for the matches and then a well deserved party with disco and raffle. Thank you to our organising committee and all our generous sponsers.


Dance with Anna!

The whole school worked on a dance routine with our Pro Dancer Anna each day, bringing it all together on Friday for a grand performance.


Sports Day 2017

School League Final


Creevy Shore Walk

The staff wanted to get in on the fun of Active Schools Week and finally did the long planned Creevy Shore Walk!

Active schools week will be taking place from Monday 12th – Friday 16th June 2017. We look forward to some form of activity each day and Sport’s Day will be taking place on Wednesday 14th June. Children may wear PE gear each day that week and the Active Schools Committee are currently busy planning some nice activities that the whole school can enjoy.