AGM Minutes 2014

Annual General Meeting
22nd October 2014
Apologies: Tara Keenaghan; Teresina Mitchell; Mary Gallagher; Linda Gillespie
Attendees:Andrea Gallagher, Elaine McLoone, Brid Campbell; Dolores Gillespie; Aisling McGuinness; Lucy Clarke; Kathrina Keown Daly; Lisa O’Donnell; Frankie O’Donnell; Helen Roper; Anthony Browne; Sharon Lilly-Travers

Chairperson Andrea Gallagher opened the meeting and thanked all those who attended.
The following items were discussed at the AGM:
- Balances on account: Please see the attached for information on the Parents Association accounts for 1st Sept 2013 – 1st Sept 2014.

- The First Holy Communion date has been set for Saturday, May 23rd 2015.
- The Confirmation date has been set for Saturday 3rd May 2015

Queries Raised:
- Christmas Concert: Query if a Christmas Concert will be held this year – to be addressed
- Hurling: Query why hurling currently being held in the school is for boys only – to be addressed
- Family Fun Day: It was proposed to hold a Family Fun day prior to the close of school for summer holidays – to be addressed
- Football Pitch: It was proposed that a collaborative plan be put in place to clean up and maintain the school football pitch – to be addressed.
- Library: It was proposed to discuss with the school about the donation of books to the library and to complete the library room shelves and so forth
- Use of School Hall: Queries were raised over how to encourage extra curricular activities in the school hall – to be addressed

- Bingo Fundraiser: This highly successful fundraising event will be held on Sunday, 23rd November 2014 at 3pm in Dorrian’s Hotel in Ballyshannon. There will be a meeting held in the Sandhouse Hotel next Thursday, 29th October 2014 at 8pm to discuss the Bingo organisation. All help and input into this event will be welcome.
- Annual Table Quiz: It was proposed to hold the next annual table quiz night on a Friday in a different venue – Whoriskeys in Cashelard – to be confirmed.
- Dinner Dance: The dinner dance recently held in the Sandhouse Hotel was a great success and the P.A. would like thank: William Doogan, Brendan Travers, John Meehan, The Sandhouse Hotel, Cara Pharmacy and those who bought/sold tickets and who gave donations.

Class Representatives confirmed for 2014:
- Junior Infants – Lisa O’Donnell & Linda Gillespie
- Senior Infants – Majella Grealish
- First Class – Nominee to be confirmed
- Second Class – Brid Campbell
- Third Class – Majella Grealish
- Fourth Class – Helen Roper & Kathrina Keown Daly
- Fifth Class – Sharon Lilly Travers & Brid Campbell
- Sixth Class – Kathrina Keown Daly

- Chairperson: Andrea Gallagher will continue her role as Chairperson for 2014 – 2015
- Treasurer: Sharon Lilly Travers has volunteered to carry out the role of Treasurer on the Parent’s Association