Green Schools Committee Walkability Audit

On Wednesday October 25th, the Green Schools Committee presented the findings of their recent Walkability Audit to pupils, staff, parent representatives and local Councillor, Mr. Barry O’Neill. The committee have worked hard over the last number of weeks with Green Schools Sustainable Travel Officer, Áine O’Loughlen, investigating the possibility of reducing traffic around the school at peak times and improving road safety. Three members of the committee, Éadaoin Finnegan, Dara McGloin and Michael Clancy presented the findings of the audit and the recommendations. In summary, the committee found that it is not very safe for pupils to walk or cycle to school, as the road is very busy with no footpaths and the traffic can travel at high speeds past the school. The recommendations of the committee were as follows:

  • Install Periodic Speed Limits to ensure a safer space for students at school peak times – 50km/hr or even lower. The committee did the Maths and a reduction of speed to 50 km/hr across a 500m stretch would only add 13.5 seconds to a motorist’s journey.
  • Replace the missing flashing lights with working ones and reposition the ones to the West of the school further away from the school, to allow motorists sufficient time to slow down.
  • Improve signage and road markings in the vicinity of the school. Motorists need greater warning that there is a large school up ahead. The small signs and old rumble strips are too close to the school and ineffective. Upgrade the rumble strips on either side of the school.
  • Could we get SLOW SCHOOL AHEAD painted in white on the road surface, like outside many other Primary Schools around the county?

The Green Schools Committee have lodged their Walkability Audit Report with Donegal County Council Road Safety Officer and we hope this supports our request for road safety improvements at the school.  Councillor O’Neill was very impressed with the work of the committee and suggested that the committee send a deputation to the next County Council meeting to do the same presentation. He also agreed to bring up our concerns with the local road engineers and road safety officer. Councillor O’Neill also suggested that a good next step might be looking at designating Creevy as a village. Maybe that is the next step forward to creating a safer school environment for the whole community.

Councillor Micheál Naughton sent his apologies that he couldn’t make our presentation, but he too assures us that he will be requesting road safety upgrades in the vicinity of the school.

Green School Committee with Parent Reps and Councillor Barry ONeill_800x600

The Green Schools Committee with Parent Representatives Karen and Cathy, Green Schools Officer Aine O’Loughlen and Local Councillor Barry O’Neill