Play Area Development


Play Area 1

The play area project began in 2011 with the following aims:

  • To create a safe space where kids will play and learn in a natural environment; exercise their senses and be happy in garden that promotes healthy living and is good for the mind and body.
  • To transform what was a green field site into a unique, exciting, interesting and informative space where children are encouraged to  learn from and appreciate nature.

The project is still in progress and there are exciting and ambitious plans for the future. As a rural school we are bringing together a pool of local community craftspeople with varied expertise assisted by the parents, students and school staff to provide labour thus fostering a sense of pride and ownership in the project.  We hope to strengthen our ties to the community, building lasting friendships that will ensure the long term care and maintenance of the project.

Play Area 2

Here are some thoughts from the children on the play space

Aryia  “loads of things to do, like exploring”

Jane  “it brightens up the school.”

Anton  “it’s very good for using your imagination”.

3rd class girls “we like the stage for dancing”.

Cáit  “it’s not as boring as playing in the normal yardThere are different things to do and playing tag is more fun because there are obstacles.”

Tom “I think it’s a brilliant construction and the steps at the amphitheatre can help you with your balance”.

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